This campaign intends to tackle the mental health issues that disproportionately impact the LGBTQ+ community, with problems stemming from internalised homophobia, toxic masculinity and racism. It’s common to see phrases like ‘no fats, no fems, no asians’ on sites like Grindr, with queer people feeling rejected by their own community. YES_together empowers ALL people to be authentically themselves, encouraging kindness, positivity and self acceptance. The brand uses a typeface made up of 4 unique styles which are mixed together to create many different variations of the YES wordmark, as well as gradients with colours from pride flags and handwritten elements, resulting in an identity which is always changing in order to embody the diversity of queer communities.

Posters located around Manchester’s gay village encourage people to share something about themselves that they are proud of, becoming places of inspiration and empowerment. Sticker versions also allow people to spread their words of positivity further. An app shows the location of events and LGBTQ+ friendly venues, as well as VR sculptures and murals. The movement’s bright and positive messaging is intended to flood the street and its bars with pride, including t-shirts which can be written on, and pin badges, a medium which was also used to promote awareness of the gay liberation movement during the 70s. The dynamic identity has room to grow and expand across other world issues, including campaigns to tackle racism and misogyny.