The Noble Cat

‘Curiosity is the very basis of education, and if you tell me that curiosity killed the cat, I say only the cat died nobly.’ – Arnold Edinborough

This is the concept for an educational service aimed at professionals and creatives who want to continue to learn and expand their knowledge
about the universe. With a magazine, exhibitions and podcasts, the service encourages curiosity about a diverse range of subjects. The logo is a bell jar, an object used in Victorian times to display curiosities such as taxidermy, and the name references Arnold Edinborough response to the proverb ‘curiosity killed the cat.’ Members receive magazines, with each cover incorporating the bell jar motif. Shows, events and exhibitions would be held exploring different themes through art, history, music and film, with free access for members. Typographic posters encourage curiosity to find out more, whilst the weekly podcast (The Podcat) allows people to learn on the go, when it suits them.