Rice Pantry

This is my concept for a rice brand which aims to reduce the use of plastic packaging, as well as providing a tool to measure rice with. The rice is packaged in recyclable cardboard tubes with a wax-lined lid which becomes a measuring bowl to ensure the perfect ratio of rice and water every time. The tube is also easily resealable, solving issues with messy and difficult to seal bags of rice.

Focused on functionality, Rice Pantry makes it easy to measure out the correct portion sizes and ratios. The basmati rice lid references a traditional Indian serving bowl. Recyclable paper refill packets can also be bought to refill the tube. Rice Pantry includes a range of rice varieties from around the world, each with its own colour and unique bowl design inspired by traditional tableware from the region where it is grown and consumed, such as the hammered copper bowls of India.

Rice-filled adshels highlight the difficulties people find with measuring rice (and always making too much!) in a playful and attention-grabbing way.