Open Collab DM20

I’m currently working with Malcolm Garrett, Patrick Thomas, and students from 5 other European universities, to create this A4 book documenting the Design Manchester / Open Collab workshop which took place during COVID-19. Each uni was tasked with designing their own cover and section inside. Working within a small team at MSoA, we created our section of the book documenting the workshop and reflecting the attitude of Manchester School of Art, with a scanned, distorted and layered aesthetic to embody the energy of the day. I was the project lead for my university, creating the cover and putting together the majority of the images and quotes which we gathered from students about the day, as well as incorporating elements which I created myself.

We also art directed our section featuring the artwork created during the workshop, making up the main bulk of the book. Each university was asked to put together 40 pages of combinations of work using a selection of grids, with each image being a collaboration between 2 people.

Book release date TBD.