Demica hosts a supply chain finance platform which is used by some of the world’s largest trade banks and corporations. After undergoing a recent rebrand, Demica commissioned a 100 page Benchmark Report, collating results from a survey answered by more than 140 banks across 37 countries. The brief was to create a report which illustrates the information clearly and impactfully, bringing life to a fairly dry subject matter and avoiding feeling too corporate. In short, they wanted to create a publication which people in their industry would actually want to read. They also wanted to use this report to position themselves as thought leaders in their industry.

My concept for the design of the report was chosen and I developed it into both a digital PDF version and an artworked version for print.

Each section of the report utilises predominantly one colour so that the sections are clearly defined, and the graphs are intended to be as pure and simple as possible to ensure that the information is clearly communicated. The report will be printed using two Pantone colours (purple and orange) on Zen Pure White to ensure that the final colours are as vivid as possible. The whole report was designed to feel stripped back yet beautiful, in contrast with many corporate reports which do not feel well designed or considered. The report includes full-bleed portraits of Demica’s commentators in order to humanise the information and help to position these people as thought leaders in their industry. Arrows and circles are also used throughout the report to tie the information together in a simple and concise, yet visually engaging way.