Brave New Normal 

Our 2021 Graphic Design Degree Show was intended to reflect the dystopic nature of the world (and our unique university experience) during the COVID-19 pandemic, with playful elements such as neon stickers and sticky notes to help the branding to feel fresh, vibrant and relevant. Branding by Oscar Ingham (

I designed our degree show catalogue, with over 300 of the 180 page publications being printed and sent out to students, friends, family and industry. The cover features UV spot gloss on black GF Smith stock, with the catalogue itself being printed in an 8 colour process, using 4 neon inks to create a really distinctive and impactful publication printed by Galloways. The catalogue features work by 70+ students, with each student having their own double page spread. Other spreads include an introduction, A-Z dividers, and final thanks. The catalogue is bold and bright, using funny stickers and full neon pages to contrast with the more structured student profiles. I produced an easy to use template for students to input their work, with a selection of compositions to enable them to tailor their page to their project.

I also designed the website alongside Likely Story. The site utilises the brand’s retro aesthetic yet feels current and immersive with a focus on functionality; playful touches such as stickers, sticky notes, a spinning logo and other interactive elements such as hover images enhance the experience.