BeCyprus is a new rentals, property and lifestyle management service operating in Cyprus. Their core message is ‘Time for living’, with the service providing clients with more time to spend on themselves when their properties and day-to-day errands are being taken care of. The brand needed to feel luxurious and high end to target wealthy clients, yet still warm and inviting for local Cypriots. Whilst my route wasn’t picked for the final concept, elements such as my colour palette were incorporated into the final brand identity.

The colour palette is inspired by materials found throughout Cyprus, such as clay, terracotta and sand to create a rich, warm and inviting palette which still feels luxurious when paired with clean design and beautiful photography. The angular graphic language is evocative of a clock and embodies the core message: Time for living. These angles are echoed in the primary typeface, Beirut, which has angular serifs.

The brand is quite stripped back in order to feel luxurious and effortless across all touchpoints, including on social media where the graphic language is paired with photography.